[Pacemaker] [Question]View order of the node of crm_mon

nozawat nozawat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 23:47:21 EST 2012


 My environment is as follows.
 I constitute a cluster in node-A and node-B.

 There is not the file in the following directories.

 Therefore indication of crm_mon is as follows when I start 2 nodes at
the same time.
------ crm_mon -----
Last updated: XXX XXX XX XX:XX:XX XXXX
Stack: Heartbeat
Current DC: node-B (841b433a-70f1-483f-a80f-790f2026fd9d) - partition
with quorum
Version: 1.0.11-1554a83db0d3c3e546cfd3aaff6af1184f79ee87
2 Nodes configured, unknown expected votes
0 Resources configured.

Online: [ node-B node-A ]
 View order may be reversed with other machines.
 The indication order seems to be based on information of cib.

 Therefore it is a question.
 What is the condition of the view order of crm_mon?


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