[Pacemaker] Resource inter-dependency without being a 'group'

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Sat Feb 18 13:19:54 EST 2012

I have an active/active LVS cluster, which uses pacemaker for managing 
IP resources. Currently I have one environment running on it which 
utilizes ~30 IP addresses, so a group was created so all resources could 
be stopped/started together. Downside of that is that all resources have 
to run on the same node.

I'm trying to figure out a way to allow the IPs to run across both nodes 
(roughly 50/50 split). Ideas so far:

1) Split it into two groups
2) Run them as individual resources.

In both cases, a 'dummy' resource would be cloned across both nodes, and 
the IP resources would only run on a node where the dummy resource is 
currently running - Seems like a hack, although it accomplishes what I need.

Is there a recommendation or best practice for this type of 
configuration? Is there something similar to 'group', which allows all 
the resources to be referenced as a single 'parent' resource without 
requiring them all to run on the same node?


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