[Pacemaker] How to prevent restart of a resource?

Adrian Fita adrian.fita at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 10:57:54 EST 2012


This is related to the previous email, "Advisory ordering on clones
not working", http://oss.clusterlabs.org/pipermail/pacemaker/2012-February/013119.html.
I read some more about advisory ordering and it seems it's not what
I'm looking for. Advisory ordering gets activated _only and only if
both resources need to start at the same time_, so I guess the
behaviour I am experiencing is how it should work.

Given the configuration below, I would like for the
p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1 resource to not get restarted after one of the
storage nodes failure. It seems that symmetrical=false doesn't help,
the resource still gets restarted. The reason for this is I need the
NFS client mount to not be touched so that the processes using that
mount don't fail.

node nocmc1-cos6-2
node nocmc2-cos6-2
node nocms1-cos6-2 \
        attributes standby="off" type="storage"
node nocms2-cos6-2 \
        attributes standby="off" type="storage"
primitive p_drbd_config ocf:linbit:drbd \
        params drbd_resource="config" \
        op monitor interval="15" role="Master" \
        op monitor interval="30" role="Slave"
primitive p_exportfs_config ocf:heartbeat:exportfs \
        params directory="/mnt/config" fsid="1"
clientspec="" unlock_on_stop="true" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="15s"
primitive p_exportfs_root ocf:heartbeat:exportfs \
        params directory="/mnt" fsid="0"
options="rw,crossmnt,no_root_squash" clientspec=""
unlock_on_stop="true" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="15s"
primitive p_fs_config ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/drbd/by-res/config"
directory="/mnt/config" fstype="ext4" \
        op monitor interval="10s"
primitive p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1 ocf:idirect:Filesystem \
        params fstype="nfs" device=""
directory="/nfs/config" options="noatime" \
        op start interval="0" timeout="60s" \
        op stop interval="0" timeout="60s" \
        op monitor interval="30s" timeout="60s" \
        meta failure-timeout="120s"
primitive p_ip_nfs ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
        params ip="" cidr_netmask="16" \
        op monitor interval="30s"
primitive p_nfsserver ocf:heartbeat:nfsserver \
        params nfs_init_script="/etc/init.d/nfs"
nfs_shared_infodir="/mnt/config/nfs_infodir" nfs_ip="" \
        op monitor interval="10s" \
        op start interval="0" timeout="40s"
ms ms_drbd_config p_drbd_config \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true"
location l_ms_drbd_config_only_on_storage ms_drbd_config \
        rule $id="l_ms_drbd_config_only_on_storage-rule" -inf: type ne storage
location l_p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1_only_on_nocmc1
p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1 inf: nocmc1-cos6-2
location l_p_ip_nfs_only_on_storage p_ip_nfs \
        rule $id="l_p_ip_nfs_only_on_storage-rule" -inf: type ne storage
colocation c_fs_config_with_drbd_config inf: p_fs_config ms_drbd_config:Master
colocation c_ms_drbd_with_ip_nfs inf: ms_drbd_config:Master p_ip_nfs
colocation c_p_exportfs_p_exportfs_root inf: p_exportfs_config p_exportfs_root
colocation c_p_exportfs_root_p_nfsserver inf: p_exportfs_root p_nfsserver
colocation c_p_nfsserver_p_fs inf: p_nfsserver p_fs_config
order o_ms_drbd_config_p_fs_config inf: ms_drbd_config:promote p_fs_config:start
order o_p_exportfs_config_p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1 inf:
p_exportfs_config p_fs_nfs_config_nocmc1 symmetrical=false
order o_p_exportfs_root_p_exportfs inf: p_exportfs_root p_exportfs_config
order o_p_fs_p_nfsserver inf: p_fs_config p_nfsserver
order o_p_ip_nfs_ms_drbd_config inf: p_ip_nfs:start ms_drbd_config:promote
order o_p_nfsserver_p_exportfs_root inf: p_nfsserver p_exportfs_root
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
        dc-version="1.1.6-3.el6-a02c0f19a00c1eb2527ad38f146ebc0834814558" \
        cluster-infrastructure="openais" \
        expected-quorum-votes="4" \
        stonith-enabled="false" \
        no-quorum-policy="ignore" \
        stop-all-resources="false" \
        maintenance-mode="false" \
rsc_defaults $id="rsc-options" \

Fita Adrian

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