[Pacemaker] error creating shadow cib - Fedora 16 - Pacemaker 1.1.6-4.fc16_x86_64

c.phan at active-system.com c.phan at active-system.com
Wed Feb 15 07:04:30 EST 2012


When I try to create a shadow cib I am getting an error. Command output is 
as follows: 

[root [at] node hittesdm]# crm cib new test 
INFO: test shadow CIB created 
ERROR: test: no such shadow CIB 

If I then try to use the shadow cib Otest¹ that I just created, I get an 
error also: 

[root [at] node hittesdm]# crm cib use test 
ERROR: test: no such shadow CIB 

I've seen on the maling-list that few people has reported the same issue. Has it been fixed in the latest release? Is there a workaround? 

I'm using Fedora 16 - 64bits with Pacemaker 1.1.6-4.fc16 and Corosync 1.4.2-1.fc16 

Appreciate your help! Regards, 

Chinh Phan 
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