[Pacemaker] Advisory ordering on clones not working?

Adrian Fita adrian.fita at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 08:40:26 EST 2012

Hi. I'm trying something like this: "crm configure order order_id 0:
nfs_server nfs_mount", but nfs_mount doesn't start after nfs_server,
instead it starts at pacemaker startup, when nfs_server isn't even

The reason I'm doing this is because nfs_mount is a clone of NFS
filesystem mounts that are mounted on each node in the cluster. The
NFS mounts are then used by some processes that read/write stuff in
those NFS mounts. If I do "crm configure order order_id inf:
nfs_server nfs_mount", on a node failure, all the nfs_mounts instances
get restarted causing the processes that use them to fail or get
restarted themselves. With advisory ordering I saw that the nfs_mount
instances are not all restarted, the ones that are not on the failed
node are left alone, leaving the surviving processes alone also.

So... Am I missing something? Is my approach wrong?
Fita Adrian

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