[Pacemaker] Clone Set does not start its lsb service on all nodes

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Mon Feb 13 17:29:41 EST 2012


I am creating a cluster that will manage virtual machines using libvirt on Ubuntu 10.04 Server. I am following this guide (except using DRBD instead of iSCSI): 

When configuring the clone set for the libvirt-bin service, I create it as follows: 

primitive p_libvirt-bin lsb:libvirt-bin \ 
op monitor interval="30" 
clone cl_libvirt-bin p_libvirt-bin 

After committing these changes I see that the clone set is started on both nodes: 

Clone Set: cl_libvirt-bin 
Started: [ node1 node2 ] 

However, often the libvirt-bin daemon is not actually running (and thus the VMs fail to migrate): 

# service libvirt-bin status 
libvirt-bin stop/waiting 

This does not seem like the correct behavior for the clone - my understanding is that a clone requires the resource to be running at all nodes at all times. What can I try to ensure that libvirt-bin remains running on all nodes? 


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