[Pacemaker] problems with cman + corosync + pacemaker in debian

diego fanesi diego.fanesi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 16:01:36 EST 2012


I'm trying to install corosync with pacemaker using drbd + gfs2 with cman

I installed corosync + pacemaker and all worked fine. Then I tried to add
cman but to use it I have to start corosync from cman. cman doesn't
consider corosync.conf (and services.d/*) and if you want to modify default
settings of corosync defined by cman, you have to add these informations in
your cluster.conf.

In this file are not allowed all possible configurations of corosync.conf
and there aren't any way to add services that corosync will run at startup.

In debian there are no init scripts for pacemaker and I need to start it
from corosync.conf using the section "service".

My problem is that: I need to start pacemaker from corosync.conf (or
services.d/pmkr) but if this file is not considered by cman I haven't other
ways to start pacemaker with corosync + cman.

Can someone help me?
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