[Pacemaker] remove scheduled action

gustavo panizzo <gfa> gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Thu Feb 9 13:56:43 EST 2012

    while seting up a 2 node cluster, one of the boxes was being used
by app folks to prepare the app. i worked on the other node.
the node being used was on standby or even corosync stopped.

now my cluster config is done, but as soon as i start the stonith
resources one of the nodes will be rebooted, i don't want that

# crm_verify -LV
crm_verify[18453]: 2012/02/09_12:50:56 WARN: stage6: Scheduling Node
Warnings found during check: config may not be valid

how do i delete that scheduled action? i searched it on cibadmin -Q
output but no luck


1AE0 322E B8F7 4717 BDEA  BF1D 44BB 1BA7 9F6C 6333

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