[Pacemaker] MySQL Master-Master replication with Corosync and Pacemaker

Yves Trudeau y.trudeau at videotron.ca
Wed Feb 8 14:04:26 EST 2012

    even if you fix the schema, sending simultaneous write to the 2 
masters will cause issues with replication.  You also have no 
performance gain from such a setup since both masters will have to 
perform all the writes anyway  Best is to write only to one at a time.  
The new mysql RA (not in mainstream I believe but you can get it from 
here: https://y-trudeau@github.com/y-trudeau/resource-agents.git, 
implements master-slave that behaves like master-master (role can be 



On 12-01-26 12:05 PM, Trevor Hemsley wrote:
> Peter Scott wrote:
>> Here's the detail: We have two MySQL comasters (each is a master and 
>> a slave of the other).  Traffic needs to arrive at only one machine 
>> at a time because otherwise conflicting simultaneous updates at each 
>> machine would cause a problem. 
> If this is true then your database design needs to be fixed. If all 
> tables have auto_increment columns and you add the parameters 
> auto_increment_increment= and auto_increment_offset= to /etc/my.cnf 
> then simultaneous updates can be made from both machines.

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