[Pacemaker] Expired fail-count doesn't get cleaned up.

Mario Penners mario.penners at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 20:15:21 EDT 2012

Hi David,

I understand the failcount only gets reset after a probe is run. So you
need to give it a "crm resource reprobe"  for the expiry timer to be

However: I do NOT know, when the probes are run (I see them in my logs
only after failover or start/stop actions are taking place, but not on a
regular basis). So one might have to schedule the crm resource reprobe
as a cron or define it as an own resource?


On Tue, 2012-07-31 at 05:36 -0400, David Coulson wrote:
> I'm running RHEL6 with the tech preview of pacemaker it ships with. I've 
> a number of resources which have a failure-timeout="60", which most of 
> the time does what it is supposed to.
> Last night a resource failed, which was part of a clone - While the 
> resource recovered, the fail-count log never got cleaned up. Around 
> every second the DC logged the pengine message below. I manually did a 
> resource cleanup, and it seems happy now. Is there something I should be 
> looking for in the logs to indicate that it 'missed' expiring this?
> Version: 1.1.6-3.el6-a02c0f19a00c1eb2527ad38f146ebc0834814558
> Migration summary:
> * Node dresproddns01:
>     re-openfire-lsb:0: migration-threshold=1000000 fail-count=1 
> last-failure='Mon Jul 30 21:57:53 2012'
> * Node dresproddns02:
> Jul 31 05:32:34 dresproddns02 pengine: [2860]: notice: get_failcount: 
> Failcount for cl-openfire on dresproddns01 has expired (limit was 60s)
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