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Stallmann, Andreas AStallmann at CONET.DE
Wed Aug 1 08:21:19 EDT 2012

Ø  Does anyone have no feedback on this ?

I’d first set all nodes “standby” with

crm node standby nodename (repeat for all nodes)

Then I’d try to remove them with

crm delete nodename (repeat for all nodes)

Set the nodes online again after that.

If this doesn’t work, try the following:

cibadmin –Q >cib.xml

Now shutdown corosync with

service corosync stop (or heartbeat, if that’s what your using).

Edit the file cib.xml and remove the old nodes from the <node></node>-Section within the <configuration></configuration>-Section. You might want to delete/edit any further occurences of the node names from the xml file, too.

Now, do delete everything that’s within the <status></status>-Section (but not the section delimiters themselves). Be aware, that the cluster will begin with a fresh state afterwards.

Finally, start up corosync (or heartbeat) again (service corosync start) and  replace the old CIB with the one you just edited:

cibadmin –f –R cib.xml

If this fails, you might have to increase the “epoche” (or num_updates, I’m not sure, so just try it... shouldn’t do much harm) value in your cib.xml and repeat the last step.

Hope this helps,


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