[Pacemaker] getnameinfo() vs uname()

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Wed Aug 29 02:22:52 EDT 2012


It looks like pacemaker (current master) does not always work nicely on
top of corosync2 if one doesn't have /etc/hosts with all cluster nodes
in it, where short form of name goes before the long one (so
gethostbyaddr() and getnameinfo() return the short one). I tried to run
test cluster with stub /etc/hosts but fully functional name server, and
I see that pacemaker includes long nodenames (fqdn) into nodelist, while
expecting them to be equal to what uname() returns for the local node.
After I created needed entries in /etc/hosts everything began to work.
>From getaddrinfo manpage, NI_NOFQDN flag should help to avoid this
behavior. Additionally, NI_NAMEREQD flag should probably be also used.

Should I open bug for this?


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