[Pacemaker] Loss of ocf:pacemaker:ping target forces resources to restart?

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Wed Aug 22 12:23:17 EDT 2012


I have a 3 node Pacemaker + Heartbeat cluster (two real nodes and 1 quorum node that cannot run resources) running on Ubuntu 12.04 Server amd64. This cluster has a DRBD resource that it mounts and then runs a KVM virtual machine from. I have configured the cluster to use ocf:pacemaker:ping with two other devices on the network (,, and set constraints to move the resources to the most well-connected node (whichever node can see more of these two devices): 

primitive p_ping ocf:pacemaker:ping \ 
params name="p_ping" host_list="" multiplier="1000" attempts="8" debug="true" \ 
op start interval="0" timeout="60" \ 
op monitor interval="10s" timeout="60" 

clone cl_ping p_ping \ 
meta interleave="true" 

location loc_run_on_most_connected g_vm \ 
rule $id="loc_run_on_most_connected-rule" p_ping: defined p_ping 

Today,'s network cable was unplugged for a few seconds and then plugged back in. During this time, pacemaker recognized that it could not ping and restarted all of the resources, but left them on the same node. My understanding was that since neither node could ping during this period, pacemaker would do nothing with the resources (leave them running). It would only migrate or restart the resources if for example node2 could ping but node1 could not (move the resources to where things are better-connected). Is this understanding incorrect? If so, is there a way I can change my configuration so that it will only restart/migrate resources if one node is found to be better connected? 

Can you tell me why these resources were restarted? I have attached the syslog as well as my full CIB configuration. 


Andrew Martin 
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