[Pacemaker] remaining node hang & sysconfig/cman CMAN_LEAVE_OPTS="remove"

Bob Haxo bhaxo at sgi.com
Mon Aug 20 16:07:36 EDT 2012


Is there a reason that the setting the sysconfig/cman variable
CMAN_LEAVE_OPTS="remove" is not documented or even mentioned other than
in man cman_tool?  A Google search for "CMAN_LEAVE_OPTS Pacemaker"
generates a serious paucity of hits (4), and there have been 0 instances
of the variable name in the past several years on this list.

>From man cman_tool:

    Tells the rest of the cluster to recalculate quorum such that
    activity can continue without this node.

Setting this variable to "remove" seems to fix the problem of the
surviving node cluster functions hanging when the other node is halted
or rebooted.

For the record, "service cman stop remove" works.

The Pacemaker no-quorum-policy="ignore" seems to not affect this
behavior.  One could imagine that setting that policy on a
CMAN/Pacemaker cluster would also set CMAN_LEAVE_OPTS="remove".

Bob Haxo

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