[Pacemaker] chain/cascade stonith agents?

Bob Haxo bhaxo at sgi.com
Wed Aug 15 11:59:03 EDT 2012

HI All,

Is chaining/cascading of stonith agents implemented? If yes, would
someone please point me to the documentation?

I'd like to implement a stonith chain in which stonith_ipmilan is the
first stonith agent, and if that fails, a second stonith agent gets
called (for example stonith_apc).

((In short, I find it tiresome to pull the power cable(s) for a HA
failover demonstration only to have the failover, well, fail, when
stonith_ipmilan goes into a failure loop when it doesn't get a response
from the powered-off BMC.))

Is there a way of setting stonith_ipmilan to give up and return a
"stonith success"?  I was thinking that I would chain stonith_ipmilan
with the ever popular stonith_null to achieve this end.

Bob Haxo
bhaxo at sgi.com

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