[Pacemaker] Errors after upgrading heartbeat

Drew Morone andrewmorone at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 15:33:34 EDT 2012

I'm having trouble after upgrading from Heartbeat 2.1.4 to Heartbeat/Pacemaker 3.03, using this page from linux-ha.org as a guide: 

Including the schema upgrade (# cibadmin --upgrade --force)

Although everything seems to be working properly, I'm concerned about a few errors I'm getting when I run crm configure verify. In particular:
ERROR: DRBD_data: parameter target_role does not exist

Someone mentioned that it might be that it's supposed to be 'target-role' as opposed to 'target_role' in the new version, but I've tried replacing the string and I get the same thing. Any ideas?

Here's the XML for DRBD_data from the schema before upgrade:
                <primitive id="DRBD_data" class="heartbeat" type="drbddisk" provider="heartbeat">
                        <instance_attributes id="DRBD_data_instance_attrs">
                                        <nvpair id="DRBD_data_target_role" name="target_role" value="started"/>
                                        <nvpair name="1" value="drbd0"/>

And after after:
 <primitive class="heartbeat" id="DRBD_data" type="drbddisk">
          <meta_attributes id="primitive-DRBD_data.meta">
            <nvpair id="nvpair.meta.auto-21" name="target-role" value="started"/>
          <instance_attributes id="instance_attributes.id258649">
            <nvpair id="nvpair.id258654" name="target_role" value="started"/>
            <nvpair id="nvpair.id259283" name="1" value="drbd0"/>
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