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Sun Aug 12 09:32:27 EDT 2012

imeout destroy the vm=2C but I'm using Pacemaker 1.1.6 and I found this thr=
which says there's a bug in this version.
I've filed a bug to the distribution=2C but in the meantime I thought I cou=
ld use the force_stop parameter=2C but I'm not sure it works.
if I issue "crm resource stop FirewallVM" it stops immediately=2C even if I=
 shutdown corosync=2C but if I try to halt the pacemaker node it returns an=
 error=2C the shutdown process is blocked and the FirewallVM_stop operation=
 is reported as failed.=A0
Still couldn't capture any useful log=2C since when this happens rsyslog is=
 already stopped.

Full config here:=A0

is it a config fault?
thanks 		 	   		  =

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