[Pacemaker] Pacemaker won't see radiusd is started

Julien Cornuwel cornuwel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 08:43:19 EDT 2012

2012/4/6 Dejan Muhamedagic <dejanmm at fastmail.fm>:
> Hi,
> What probably happens is that radiusd does a fork later, as all
> unix daemon programs do. From the RA meta-data:
> binfile* (string): Full path name of the binary to be executed
>    The full name of the binary to be executed. This is expected
>        to keep running
>         with the same pid and not just do something and exit.

Damn! I knew it was something obvious and I was just being stupid!
Just specified binfile="/usr/sbin/radiusd -f" and it runs fine...

Thank you very much for rebooting my brain ;-)

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