[Pacemaker] Simpler solution than custom OCF scripts ?

Julien Cornuwel cornuwel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 12:41:32 EDT 2012

2012/4/4 Lars Marowsky-Bree <lmb at suse.com>:

> You can just use the LSB init script if one is provided.

Well, it is OK for 'start' and 'stop', but the status is clearly
lacking: it just checks if the process is running, not if the service
is delivered.
I think I'll write a simple wrapper around the LSB script but perform
real tests in 'status'...

>> Or even the quick-and-dirtiest: run my script with cron and stop the
>> corosync daemon if I detect a problem ^^
> My first thought to this was "WTF?". ;-)

Glad I made you laugh ;-)

Thanks for your help

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