[Pacemaker] socket is incremented after running crm shell

Junko IKEDA tsukishima.ha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 22:54:42 EDT 2012


This is my investigation;
When "crm configure" or "cibadmin"  are called,
it seems that pengine process tries to restart.

Apr  2 14:10:01 bl460g6b crmd: [7186]: info: start_subsystem: Starting
sub-system "pengine"
Apr  2 14:10:01 bl460g6b crmd: [7186]: WARN: start_subsystem: Client
pengine already running as pid 7190
Apr  2 14:10:05 bl460g6b crmd: [7186]: info: do_dc_takeover: Taking
over DC status for this partition

Process is already running, so "restart pengine" is canceled,
but IPC channel is added newly.
That's why a file descriptor is also increased.
Is it correct?
Please see the attached.

By the way, during the status check of pengine, crmd calls sleep(4) in
I think it's not reasonable to do the check with each "crm configure"
or "cibadmin".
It will lead the delay of the transition.

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