[Pacemaker] Problem understanding resource stickyness

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Tue Apr 24 05:30:55 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I have a small problem with a simple two-node virtualization cluster
that runs a pair of firewall VMs. They run on DRBD devices and may both
run on one host, but they should be distributed when two nodes are
available. Also, if a VM has to be migrated, it should be the second one
(the VMs have internal HA and the first one is usually active, so that
should stay where it is).

I'm using the following configuration

primitive drbd-greatfw1 ocf:linbit:drbd \
        params drbd_resource="greatfw1" \
        op monitor interval="15s"
primitive drbd-greatfw2 ocf:linbit:drbd \
        params drbd_resource="greatfw2" \
        op monitor interval="15s"

primitive kvm-greatfw1 heartbeat:kvm \
        params 1="greatfw1" \
        meta resource-stickiness="1000" target-role="Started"
primitive kvm-greatfw2 heartbeat:kvm \
        params 1="greatfw2"

ms ms-drbd-greatfw1 drbd-greatfw1 \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true"
ms ms-drbd-greatfw2 drbd-greatfw2 \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true"

colocation vm-greatfw1 inf: kvm-greatfw1 ms-drbd-greatfw1:Master
colocation vm-greatfw2 inf: kvm-greatfw2 ms-drbd-greatfw2:Master
colocation col-greatfw1-greatfw2 -2000: kvm-greatfw1 kvm-greatfw2

order vm-greatfw1-order inf: ms-drbd-greatfw1:promote kvm-greatfw1:start
order vm-greatfw2-order inf: ms-drbd-greatfw2:promote kvm-greatfw2:start

property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
        dc-version="1.0.9-74392a28b7f31d7ddc86689598bd23114f58978b" \
        cluster-infrastructure="Heartbeat" \
        stonith-enabled="false" \
        no-quorum-policy="ignore" \
        default-resource-stickiness="200" \
        last-lrm-refresh="1332228434" \

I figure, greatfw1 is configured exactly as greatfw2, but has a higher
resource stickyness, so it should stay where it was. But when I standby
one host (migrating both to the same host) and then take it back online,
greatfw1 is migrated to the other side.

Debian Stable, pacemaker with heartbeat 1:3.0.3-2.

Best Regards,

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