[Pacemaker] Prevent resources from even being checked on one node

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Apr 21 04:15:23 EDT 2012


we have been running a two-node pacemaker/corosync cluster for the past half 
year quite successfully.
Now we extended it to a three-node cluster with quorum and are still happy. 
But here is a question:

We have a group of resources ("ClusterGroup") that contains a number of 
services (tftp, dhcp-server, bind, backuppc and the fs of the shared drbd) to 
provide the basic services in the network. This group has to run on one f the 
first nodes as only these have the drbd-resources containing the needed 
filesystems. I added an anti-location constraint to keep the cluster from 
running the drbd stuff on the third node. I also added anti-location constraint 
to prevent the clustergroup from running on the third node.
But I still get error-messages ($OCF_ERR_NOT_INSTALLED) when the cluster tries 
to monitor the resources on the third node. I don't want that. I want the 
cluster to either not even run monitor (for these resources) on the third node 
or to ignore monitor-errors from these resources on the third node.
How to achieve this? Do I have to add anti-location rules for all the 
resources in that group individually?

Thanks for your input,


PS: anti-location == location with -inf
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