[Pacemaker] HA setup need to configure node transition if a resouce fails.

Manish Punjabi manishpunjabi21 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 09:22:46 EDT 2012

Dear All,

 I have configured DRBD and pacemaker for highly available setup with 2
nodes. Each node has oracle and jboss resources along with ClusterIp
resource. I have used resource stickiness to infinity to make services run
on  a stable node. But also I need to make sure that if any one service
fails then the entire service must move on to other node. I have added
collocation and ordering to ensure all to run on a single node at a time.
When i fail one service like jboss it just restarts it back on same machine
. I have set resource threshold to 1. What other configuration should I
 make to enable entire service move to another node on a single service

Thanks and Regards
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