[Pacemaker] Moving Resources Due to Failure

S, MOHAMED (MOHAMED)** CTR ** mohamed.s at alcatel-lucent.com
Sat Apr 14 03:54:29 EDT 2012

The Pacemaker_Explained.pdf document says that

" setting of migration-threshold=2 and failure-timeout=60s would cause the resource to move to a new node after 2 failures, and allow it to move back (depending on the stickiness and constraint scores) after one minute."

Can you please help me understand what will happen on the following scenarios in 2 node active passive configuration?

1 - If one resource failed twice within 60s, it will move to the other node.
This is clear to understand.

2 - If one resource failed once and there is no failure within 60s, will the pacemaker reset the failcounts of that resource, so that the failcounts are tracked freshly?
Will the failcounts gets reset if the migration-threshold didn't occur within the failure-timeout period?

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