[Pacemaker] load balancing in a 3-node cluster

Mark Smith mark at bumptechnologies.com
Thu Sep 29 18:25:50 EDT 2011

> Try no-quorum-policy=freeze instead.

I considered this option, but that puts us into a situation where if
node X and Y fail, then resources from them won't be started up on Z.
I would like to (if possible) avoid that -- I want one node to be able
to take on everything.

I realize this may be a pipe dream.  It is impossible to determine,
from the point of view of Z, whether Z has failed or whether both X
and Y have failed.  This is one reason for me to turn off STONITH --
if Z has failed, at least it won't go murder X and Y.

> Did a stop action fail?

Uncertain.  I'll see if I can reproduce and try to record this data.

Thanks for the response.

Mark Smith // Operations Lead
mark at bumptechnologies.com

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