[Pacemaker] pacemaker/dlm problems

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Wed Sep 28 05:12:04 EDT 2011


27.09.2011 10:56, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> All the more reason to start using the stonith api directly.
> I was playing around list night with the dlm_controld.pcmk code:
>    https://github.com/beekhof/dlm/commit/9f890a36f6844c2a0567aea0a0e29cc47b01b787

Doesn't seem to apply to 3.0.17, so I rebased that commit against it for
my build. Then it doesn't compile without attached patch.
It may need to be rebased a bit against your tree.

Now I have package built and am building node images. Will try shortly.


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