[Pacemaker] Call cib_modify failed (-22): The object/attribute does not exist

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Sep 26 06:13:34 EDT 2011

On 11-09-26 03:44 AM, Tim Serong wrote:
> Because:
> 1) You need to run "cibadmin -o resources -C -x test.xml" to create the
>    resource (-C creates, -U updates an existing resource).

That's what I thought/wondered but the EXAMPLES section in the manpage
is quite clear that it's asking one to use "-U" to "add an IPaddr2
resource to the resources  section", and then -C wouldn't work either

> 2) Even if you use -C, it will probably still fail due to a schema
>    violation,

Indeed, which was pushing me back to -U as I was interpreting the schema
violation error as telling me that -C wanted an entire CIB XML file, not
just a resource fragment.

> because the <attributes> element is bogus (apparently the
>    cibadmin man page needs tweaking).

Very much so.

> Try:
>   <primitive id="R_10.10.10.101" class="ocf" type="IPaddr2"
>    provider="heartbeat">
>     <instance_attributes id="RA_R_10.10.10.101">
>       <nvpair id="R_ip_P_ip" name="ip" value=""/>
>       <nvpair id="R_ip_P_nic" name="nic" value="eth0"/>
>     </instance_attributes>
>   </primitive>

Indeed, that works wonderfully.

> Better yet, use the crm shell instead of cibadmin, and you can forget
> about the XML :)

I sooooo wish.  I have already gone down that path but ran into
so now I am testing the recommended use of cibadmin instead of crm shell.


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