[Pacemaker] Concurrent runs of 'crm configure primitive' interfering

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Fri Sep 16 11:14:32 EDT 2011


On Thu, Sep 08, 2011 at 03:41:42PM +0100, John Spray wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some scripts which configure resources across a number of nodes
> in a cluster.  I'm finding that when more than one "crm configure
> primitive" invokation is run at the same time, they sometimes
> interfere with each other: e.g. when adding resource A and B
> concurrently, I sometimes end up with just A configured, sometimes
> just B, sometimes A and B.

>  I see this when there are two concurrent
> runs on the same host, and I'm guessing that the same thing will
> happen with concurrent runs on multiple hosts.

Probably not. But if so, then my theory below is partly wrong.

> Questions:
>  * Is this expected behaviour?


>  * Is there another way of adding resources which would be safe when
> run concurrently?


This sounds to me like a deficiency in the crm shell. You may
open a bugzilla (once linuxfoundation site is back).



> Regards,
> John
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