[Pacemaker] resource go in unmanaged mode when node startup

Andreas Kurz andreas.kurz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 16:38:53 EDT 2011

Am 02.09.11 18:47, schrieb Umberto Carrara:
> hi,
> I have a cluster with kvm vms and libvirt+iscsi, everything is fine except 
> when i restart a node, when corosync service start, the cluster try move 
> running vms resource in alive node before the resources, iscsi and libvirt, 
> are ready 
> this rules
> colocation domainonservice inf: file serviceclone
> order servicebeforedomain inf: serviceclone:start  file
> within
> resource-stickiness="1000"
> should prevent this, right?
> the only thing to do is a cleanup of resources.
> is a problem of timeout or wrong config?

this is a chicken-and-egg problem. libvirtd has to be started for
VirtualDomain RA probing to work.

If you start libvirtd as a cluster resource this is too late, start it
via init. On probing errors Pacemaker can't reliable tell if a resource
is started outside cluster control, so for safety reasons a restart is
triggerd -- stop on all nodes, rstart it on only one node:

Sep  2 18:14:05 host2 pengine: [1735]: ERROR: native_create_actions:
Resource file (ocf::VirtualDomain) is active on 2 nodes attempting recovery
Sep  2 18:14:05 host2 pengine: [1735]: WARN: See
http://clusterlabs.org/wiki/FAQ#Resource_is_Too_Active for more information.


> in attach my crm config and log
> Thanks to all in advance
> Umberto
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