[Pacemaker] Ignoring expired failure

Proskurin Kirill k.proskurin at corp.mail.ru
Fri Sep 30 18:14:19 EDT 2011

Hello all.

pacemaker runs with "ver: 1"

I run again on monitoring fail and still don`t know why it happends.
Details are here:

Some info:
I twice run on situation then pacemaker thinks what resource is started 
but it is not. We use slightly modifed version of "anything" agent for 
our scripts but they are aware of OCF return codes and other staff.

I run monitoring by our agent from console:

# env -i ; OCF_ROOT=/usr/lib/ocf 
/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/mail.ru/generic monitor
# generic[14992]: DEBUG: default monitor : 7

But this time I see in logs:
Oct 01 02:00:12 mysender34.mail.ru pengine: [26301]: notice: 
unpack_rsc_op: Ignoring expired failure tranprocessor_stop_0 (rc=-2, 
magic=2:-2;121:690:0:4c16dc39-1fd3-41f2-b582-0236f6b6eccc) on 

So Pacemaker knows what resource may be down but ignoring it. Why?

Best regards,
Proskurin Kirill

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