[Pacemaker] Reloading a resource after a failover

Max Williams Max.Williams at betfair.com
Wed Sep 28 12:44:05 EDT 2011

I have a pair of clustered DNS servers with a virtual IP (VIP) configured. The problem is that when the VIP fails over, named on the new host of the VIP will not listen on port 53/UDP of the VIP until it is reloaded (I think this is because this daemon uses UDP, not TCP).

So I'd like to be able to reload named after a failover of the VIP address. Is this possible?

I could do it by configuring named as a cloned resource and then configuring an order so that it is restarted when the VIP fails over or moves but I would much rather have named reload instead of restart.

Any ideas? I'd rather not have to resort to a wrapper script or anything like that.


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