[Pacemaker] location syntax for crm shell.

Schaefer, Diane E diane.schaefer at unisys.com
Wed Sep 14 11:29:25 EDT 2011

  We are running a two-node cluster using pacemaker 1.1.5-18.1 with heartbeat 3.0.4-41.1.  I am confused on the correct syntax to use when adding a location constraint using the crm shell.  I would like a resource to always run on a particular node. Here are the results of my experiments:

1)       location location-res1 res1 inf: node1

This returns the WARNING : location-res1 : referenced node node1 does not exist

Does it want the node ID and not the name?

The resource does start on node1 and seem to stay there.  I'm not sure why the warning occurs.

2)      location location-res1 rule inf: #uname eq node1
This also returns the same warning as above with the same results, the resource starts.

3)      location location-res1 rule inf: uname eq node1

No warning on this one, but the resource does not start.

Any help would be appreciated!

Diane Schaefer

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