[Pacemaker] Query regarding component failover

Bhagwan Sahai bhagwan.sahai at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 01:08:39 EDT 2011

    I have a HA requirement wherein I need to have following resource
 and setup:
2 node - cluster using Heartbeat as cluster and messaging layer

Resource group:

1) service1 ( Master slave)
2) service 2( Master slave)

Constraints defined:
master instance of both service 1 and 2 are on same node. (There are
defined in group as they are dependent on each other)

I need to make sure that if there is any failuire in Master instance
of  service 1 or service 2 then the whole service group should
failover(what you call component failover).
It  mean if master instance of service 1 and 2 are running on node 1
and standby on node 2 then if there is any failuire in master instance
of either
service 1 or 2 should result in node 2 hosting the master group and on
node 1 the the whole group will be restarted and assigned standby
state. Similarily if there any failuire in standby instance then the
whole group should restart and assigned same standby state.

So can you please tell me how is it possible through Pacemaker.

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