[Pacemaker] crm_mon -n -1 : Command output format

manish.gupta at ionidea.com manish.gupta at ionidea.com
Thu Sep 8 11:28:03 EDT 2011


  I am using crm_mon -n -1 command to parse resources status. Sometime
format is changed due to that I am getting unexcepted output on my
backend programme.

  Please anyboby can help me to know all the excepted possible output
format of crm_mon -n -1 command output.

  General format of output.

  Node NodeName: NodeStatus
       ResourceName ResourceAgentType Status
  But for clone Resource I am getting this.when cluster in unmanaged status.

  Node NodeName: NodeStatus
       ResourceName ResourceAgentType ORPHANED) Status

  Due to ORPHANED) Resource status is shifted. And I am getting wrong result.

 Please can you help me to alll the possible output scenerio.
 Or Please can you share the source code of crm_mon command.

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