[Pacemaker] Postgresql streaming replication failover - RAneeded

Attila Megyeri amegyeri at minerva-soft.com
Wed Nov 23 18:59:55 EST 2011

Hi Brett,

I would be very interested to see your solution. So far I had no luck with Takatoshi's RA :(


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> Well I'm not sure I would be able to do that change. Failover is
relatively easy to do but I really have no idea how to do the failback part.

>And that's exactly the reason why I haven't implemented it yet. With
the current way how replication is done in PostgreSQL there is no easy way to switch between roles, or at least I don't know about a such way.
Implementing just fail-over functionality by creating a trigger file on a slave server in the case of failure on master side doesn't create a full master-slave implementation in my opinion.

We have created just such a multi-state RA, which incorporates a design to manage failover, failback, and fallback (regular backups).  Please give us a few days - a member of my team is removing any product-specifics from it, and we'll post it shortly.


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