[Pacemaker] Resource group restarts every 15 minutes

Charles Ulrich charles at bityard.net
Tue Nov 22 23:41:28 EST 2011

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 6:48 PM, Andreas Kurz <andreas at hastexo.com> wrote:
> Yes, the 15min are due to cluster-recheck-interval. I only saw a similar
> behavior when changing the provider of a resource that was already
> running and I saw it restarting on every monitor event ... btw. maybe
> you also want to enable monitoring for all your resources?
> Only solution I found was to restart Pacemaker to start with clean
> status section.

I ended up rebooting both machines and that fixed the problem.

> Don't know how you ran into this problem ... how you created this www
> group or if you did anything "unusual" to the fs_www resource ... did
> you rename resources?

Well, I actually inherited this setup from another admin. Hence my
general cluelessness about what was going wrong and how to fix it. I
do aim to learn, however.

Thanks for the help!

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