[Pacemaker] Replication MYSQL does not work in pacemaker

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Mon Nov 14 03:50:54 EST 2011

On 2011-11-07 21:42, Joe wrote:
> Hi
> I try to configure simple two nodes(Master/Slave) MYSQL/DRBD/PACEMAKER
> with MYSQL replication but it does not work. Everytime I start
> mysql(M/S) RA,it won't start with these error below. PLease help if you
> see if I am doing anything wrong ( attached crm configure show). thank you.
> ( Failed actions:
> p_mysql:0_monitor_0 (node=mysqldrbd02, call=501, rc=5, status=complete):
> not installed
> p_mysql:1_monitor_0 (node=mysqldrbd01, call=251, rc=5, status=complete):
> not installed
> Reconnecting...[root at mysqldrbd01 etc]# tail -f /var/log/messages

use "grep mysql: /var/log/messages" (or similar) to search for the
error. the NOT_INSTALLED error will output an error message to syslog.

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