[Pacemaker] Live migration with order constraints

Dmitry Golubev lastguru at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 06:48:23 EST 2011


> > I am trying to make a live migration of virtual machines (custom resource
> > agent). The idea is to suspend the virtual machine on one node, remount a
> > filesystem (on top of DRBD) on another node and resume the virtual machine.
> May I ask: Why? There is already the VirtualDomain RA which works fine,
> including live migration.

Because from what I gather, VirtualDomain RA works only with virsh (KVM/Xen),
but I need OpenVZ. The second reason is that I have groups of virtual machines
that work on the same filesystem. There is no way to get this working with
VirtualDomain RA, especially given the next point:

> Yes, migration only works without order-contraints the migrating service
> depends on ... and no way to force it.

> Use existing, working and tested RAs.

Well, then I will need to hack unfortunately :( I hope it is possible for a
resource agent to instruct other agents to move...


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