[Pacemaker] monitoring of virtual filesystems

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Tue Nov 8 09:39:46 EST 2011

> @Michael:
> ok, thanks, that it was. the disk-sektion was diabled. any times I am realy
> blind...
> the question to hbagent: I use corosync... on one testcluster the version
> from sles 11sp1 dvd, in a other testcluster the version from
> build.opensuse.org

Did you enable AgentX?

Did you 
# export HA_cluster_type=openais
bevore startiung the subagent?

Anyway I would not recommend to use the subagent any more. Please read aboubt 
net-snmp's extensions

So adding the line
extend failcounter /usr/local/sbin/get_failcounter.sh

to your snmpd.conf calls the mentioned script which returns the sum of the 
failure counters. This could be used in monitoring to detect failures of the 

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