[Pacemaker] Resources are not started

Matti Linnanvuori matti.linnanvuori at portalify.com
Tue Nov 8 03:29:18 EST 2011

Andreas Kurz:
> Beside an update to 1.1.5 or later ... does restarting DB-daemon
> resource trigger the wanted starts?

No, restarting DB-daemon resource does not trigger the wanted starts. I tried "crm resource restart DB-daemon" and direct init script restart. Pacemaker seems stuck. I got the following type of recurring printouts in file /var/log/corosync.log:

Nov 08 10:27:06 iac-pgis lrmd: [2561]: info: perform_op:2884: operation monitor[4675] on ocf::db::DB-daemon for client 2564, its parameters: CRM_meta_name=[monitor] crm_feature_set=[3.0.2] db_binary=[/etc/init.d/iac-db] CRM_meta_timeout=[20000] CRM_meta_interval=[5000]  for rsc is already running.
Nov 08 10:27:06 iac-pgis lrmd: [2561]: info: perform_op:2894: postponing all ops on resource DB-daemon by 1000 ms

Matti Linnanvuori

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