[Pacemaker] monitoring of virtual filesystems

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Mon Nov 7 15:23:03 EST 2011

> Hello Andreas,
> i have a virt. IP - this is not the problem. I have a oracle db run on the
> cluster, we can monitor the oracle-instance with OEM, but we can't find
> any OIDs of virtual filesystems
> i get all snmp-data with
> snmpbulkwalk -v2c public virt_host > output.txt
> but I find nothing from cluster. where can I find the OIDs from pacemaker?

DId you try
snmpwalk (...) virt_host enterprises.2021.9

Please see also the "disk" section in your snmpd.conf and add disks as 

> @Michael,
> as described in your book, I've got to try to run hbagent. but I only
> received this error:
> CRIT: get_cluster_type: This installation of Pacemaker does not support the
> '(null)' cluster infrastructure. Terminating.

What cluster infrastructure do you use? heartbeat or corosync?

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