[Pacemaker] Trouble with KVM Resource

Tim Serong tserong at suse.com
Tue Nov 1 00:04:49 EDT 2011

On 11/01/2011 02:23 PM, Cliff Massey wrote:
>   I am having a problem with my kvm resource. It was working until I decided to re-install the kvm machine. The libvirt xml file and the pacemaker configuration did not change. I can start the kvm outside of pacemaker just fine. When I check the libvirt log, it shows no attempt to start the kvm machine from pacemaker.
> crm_mon -1 shows:
> Online: [ admin01 admin02 ]
>   convirt-kvm	(ocf::heartbeat:VirtualDomain):	Started admin01 (unmanaged) FAILED
>   Master/Slave Set: ms-convirt [convirt-drbd]
>       Masters: [ admin02 ]
>       Slaves: [ admin01 ]
>   sitescope-kvm	(ocf::heartbeat:VirtualDomain):	Started admin02
>   Master/Slave Set: ms-sitescope [sitescope-drbd]
>       Masters: [ admin02 ]
>       Slaves: [ admin01 ]
> Failed actions:
>      convirt-kvm_monitor_0 (node=admin01, call=2, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
>      convirt-kvm_stop_0 (node=admin01, call=6, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
> My other kvm machine with the same config works just fine.

I can't tell you why it doesn't work anymore, but...

> my logs are at:   http://pastebin.com/peFw5KKp

The relevant bit of that log is (pardon the formatting):

Nov  1 03:14:37 admin01 crmd: [15349]: info: te_rsc_command: Initiating 
action 4: monitor convirt-kvm_monitor_0 on admin01 (local)
Nov  1 03:14:38 admin01 VirtualDomain[15370]: ERROR: 
/var/run/heartbeat/rsctmp/VirtualDomain-convirt-kvm.state is empty. This 
is unexpected. Cannot determine domain name.
Nov  1 03:14:38 admin01 lrmd: [15346]: WARN: Managed convirt-kvm:monitor 
process 15370 exited with return code 1.
Nov  1 03:14:38 admin01 crmd: [15349]: info: process_lrm_event: LRM 
operation convirt-kvm_monitor_0 (call=2, rc=1, cib-update=29, 
confirmed=true) unknown error

So the probe (and presumably subsequent stop) for that resource failed, 
hence no attempt to start it.  As for how the state file is empty, I'm 
not sure.  Look at VirtualDomain_Define() in 
/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/VirtualDomain (line ~200 onwards), by 
my reading it shouldn't be possible for that state file to be empty. 
Unless, somehow (wild guess), permissions on the state file or some 
parent directory prohibit writing?


Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
tserong at suse.com

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