[Pacemaker] [Linux-HA] Antw: Re: Q: unmanaged MD-RAID & auto-recovery

Florian Haas florian at hastexo.com
Fri Nov 25 07:54:33 EST 2011

On 11/25/11 13:29, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>> From the log snippet it's
>> not entirely clear whether that's a recurring monitor (interval ==
>> whatever you configured, or 20 if default), or a probe (interval == 0).
>> A recurring monitor clearly should not happen at all when unmanaged.
> That is incorrect.
> is-managed=false does still monitor the resource.  It only prevents
> pacemaker from sending start/stop etc commands to that resource.

My understanding was that only probes would still occur (on
cluster-recheck-interval, or when new nodes joined the cluster). And I
maintain that that would be the intuitively "correct" behavior for
unmanaged resources. Andrew?

> If the implementation of the monitor action in the RA does trigger
> "auto-recovery" or other things, well, then it does.

Which seems to operate on the same assumption, really, that an unmanaged
resource never has its monitor action executed.

I still think that this attempt to auto-recover from _within_ the
monitor action is a bit insane, but maybe lmb (who implemented that
part, as per git blame) would be able to share his thoughts as to why he
did it that way.


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