[Pacemaker] Auto-complete not working after update 1.0.12 crm/pacemaker

Martin Gombac martin at isg.si
Thu Nov 24 07:11:33 EST 2011

I upgraded from:
Name       : pacemaker
Arch       : x86_64
Version    : 1.0.11
Release    : 1.2.el5
Version    : 1.0.12
Release    : 1.el5.centos

Using clusterlabs repo.

After upgrade using crm console under resource for let's say command 
move, autocomplete via tab is not working anymore. Now i have to 
manually write hostname and nodename.
crm(live)resource# move Tetrahedron ibm1.XXX.XXX

Martin Gombač
ISG d.o.o.
00386 (0)1 620 75 03

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