[Pacemaker] Modify resource agent.

Mark Gardner markgard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 19:23:00 EST 2011

I'm using a commercial cluster aware filesystem appliance called Panasas.
The OCF:Heartbeat:Filesystem resource agent politely declined to mount the
filesystem claiming that it was not a cluster aware filesystem.

For the time being I simply made a copy of the Filesystem resource agent
and added the file system type (panfs) alongside gfs, nfs, ocfs2.

Would it be appropriate to submit a patch/enhancement request to have this
added to the resource agent?  How would I go about submitting it?

I'd like to keep getting any future updates to the Resource Agent and have
the panfs filesystem available for use.


   ~ Mark
         Gardner ~
If it were easy everyone would do it.  Hard is what keeps out the riffraff.
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