[Pacemaker] Postgresql streaming replication failover - RA needed

Attila Megyeri amegyeri at minerva-soft.com
Wed Nov 16 04:27:53 EST 2011

Hi All,

We have a two-node postgresql 9.1 system configured using streaming replicaiton (active/active with a read-only slave).
We want to automate the failover process and I couldn't really find a resource agent that could do the job.

All HA solutions for postgresql I have seen are based on a DRBD active/passive approach, that we would not prefer.

At the first stage I would be satisified with the "failover" only - meaning that the more complex failback would not be required.
Of course if the failback could be implemented as well, that would be the right solution for us.

Does anyone have experience with the above setup? Any feedback is appreciated!

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