[Pacemaker] Repeating Log entries of ping resource

Senftleben, Stefan (itsc) Stefan.Senftleben at ITSC.de
Thu Nov 10 05:35:50 EST 2011

Hello again,

on a two node active passive cluster runs a clone of ping resources.

In the corosync.log following entries reappear in short time phrases. Is this an error?



log entries:

Nov 10 11:29:38 lxds07 lrmd: [5478]: info: perform_op:2883: postponing all ops on resource pri_ping:1 by 1000 ms
Nov 10 11:29:38 lxds07 lrmd: [5478]: info: perform_op:2873: operation monitor[30] on ocf::ping::pri_ping:1 for client 5481, its parameters: CRM_meta_clone=[1] host_list=[] CRM_meta_clone_max=[2] dampen=[20s] CRM_meta_globally_unique=[false] crm_feature_set=[3.0.1] multiplier=[1000] CRM_meta_name=[monitor] CRM_meta_start_delay=[0] CRM_meta_timeout=[60000] CRM_meta_interval=[5000]  for rsc is already running.

config of resource:

     primitive res_ping_1 ocf:pacemaker:ping \
             params multiplier="1000" host_list="" \
             operations $id="res_ping_1-operations" \
             op start interval="0" timeout="60" \
             op stop interval="0" timeout="20" \
             op monitor interval="10" timeout="60" start-delay="0" \
             op reload interval="0" timeout="100"

       clone cl_ping_1 res_ping_1 \
             meta clone-max="2" notify="true"

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