[Pacemaker] What's the default monitor on-fail action?

JiaQiang Xu xjqkilling at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 04:29:31 EST 2011


I'm running pacemaker 1.0.9.
I configured a resource and want it to be stopped if monitor returns
But I found pacemaker tries to restart the resource if monitor fails.
And if I configure monitor on-fail action to "stop" manually, the
resource gets stopped on fail.
As I read in "Pacemaker Configuration Explained" doc, the default
on-fail action is "stop".
Has the behavior changed in pacemaker?

I configured resource A and B. And there is an order constraint from A -> B.
Now I want resource B to be stopped on fail. Resource A is still
running when B fails.
Does this setting matters?

Thanks a lot,

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