[Pacemaker] Live migration with order constraints

Dmitry Golubev lastguru at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 16:46:34 EST 2011


I am trying to make a live migration of virtual machines (custom resource
agent). The idea is to suspend the virtual machine on one node, remount a
filesystem (on top of DRBD) on another node and resume the virtual machine.
I have order constraints there to say that the virtual machine can only be
run once the filesystem is mounted on the node. The problem is, however, that
I can't live-migrate with such constraints:

notice: check_stack_element: Cannot migrate vcluster-vz1 due to dependency on
drbd-r0-fs (order)

If I understand correctly, pacemaker can not migrate a resource if it depends
on some other resource. But is there any way to force other resources to move
together with the migrating resource?

In the worst case scenario I will try to have an additional parameter to my
resource agent to force move the dependent resources... but I am looking for
the right way to solve this problem, not some ugly hack.

Any ideas?


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