[Pacemaker] Query regarding "crm node standby/online" command

neha chatrath nehachatrath at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 00:22:45 EST 2011


I am running Heartbeat and Pacemaker in a cluster with 2 nodes.
I also have a client registered with Heartbeat daemon for any node/IF
status changes.

When I execute "crm node standby" command on one of the nodes, there is no
node status change info reported to the client.
Is this the expected behavior?

Also, one more query about Heartbeat daemon:
In my system, I have multiple IP interfaces (each configured with a
separate IP) with Heartbeat running on one of them.
I have a requirement of monitoring of all these IP interfaces and perform
necessary actions (like perform failover etc) in case of any interface
I am able to monitor the interface on which Heartbeat is running but not
the rest of them.
Does Heartbeat allows monitoring of interfaces other than the interfaces on
which Heartbeat is running?

Thanks and regards
Neha Chatrath
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